Enrollment In District

200.1-Early Admissions

  200.1-Attachment 1

  200.1-Attachment 2  

  200.1-Attachment 3

200-Enrollment in District 

201-Admission of Students 

202-Eligibility of Nonresident Students

 203 - Immunizations and Communicable Diseases 

   203.1- HIV Infection 

 204 - Attendance

205- Post Graduate Students

206-Assignment Within District 

207-Confidential Communications of Students

208-Withdrawal from School 

209-Health Exams Screenings

    209.1-Food Allergy Management 

   209.2 - Diabetes Management

210-Use of Medications 

   210 1 - Possession_Administration of Asthma Inhalers _ Epinephrine Auto-Injectors


211-Student Accident Insurance 

212-Reporting Student Progress

213-Assessment of Student Progress 

214-Class Rank 

215-Promotion and Retention 

    215 1 Subject Acceleration 

   215.2 Grade Level Advancement 

   215.2 Attach 1 

   215.2 Attach 2 

216-Student Records 

217-Graduation Requirements 

218-Student Discipline 

   218.1 Weapons 

   218.2-Terroristic Threats 

219-Student Complaint Process 

220- Student Expression/Distribution & Posting of Materials 

221- Dress and Grooming 

222 -Tobacco Use 

223-Use of Motor Vehicles 

224-Care of School Property 

225-Relations With Law Enforcement Agencies 


227-Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia 

228-Student Government 

229-Student Fundraising 

230-Public Performances by Students 

231-Social Events and Class Trips 

232-Student Involvement In Decision-Making 

233-Suspension And Expulsion 

234-Pregnant/Married Students 

235-Student Rights/Surveys 

236-Student Assist Program 

237-Electronic Devices 

 239-Foreign Exchange Students 

240-Student Contests 

246 - School Wellness

 247 - Hazing 



     249-AR-1 Bullying

250-Student Recruitment 

251-Homeless Students 

252-Dating Violence 

255-Educational Stability for Children in Foster Care