Strategic Plan

100-Strategic Plan  

101-Mission Statement  

102-Academic Standards  

 103 Nondescrimination in School and Classroom.pdf  

103 1 Nondescrimination-Qualified Students with Disabilities.pdf  

104 Nondiscrimination in Employment Practices.pdf 

 105  Curriculum Development

105.1-Curriculum Review By Parents/Guardians and Students  

105.2-Exemption from Instruction  

106-Guides For Planned Instruction

107-Adoption of Planned Instruction 

 108 - Adoption of Textbooks

109-Resource Materials 

110-Instructional Supplies 

111-Lesson Plans 

112-Guidance Counseling 

113-Special Education 

 113.1 Discipline of Students with Disabilities 

 113.2 Behavior Support 

 113.3 Screenings and Evaluations

 114-Gifted Education

 115-Vocational Technical Education


 117- Homebound Instruction

 118-Independent Study

 119-Current Events

 121-Field Trips

 122-Extracurricular Activities

 123-Interscholastic Athletics

 123.1-Recognition of Club Sports 

 123.2-Concussion Management

 123.3-Sudden Cardiac Arrest

 123.4-Naloxone Administration 

 124-Alternative Instruction Methods

 125-Adult Education

 126-Class Size

 127-Assessment System


 137-Home Education Programs

 137.1-Extracurricular Participation By Home Education Students

 138 Language Instruction Educational Program for English Learner

 140-Charter Schools

  140. 1 Extracurricular Participants By Charter/Cyber Charter Students 

 142-Migrant Students 

 143-Standards for Persistently Dangerous Schools 

 144-Standards for Victims of Violent Crimes 

 146-Student Services 

 150 Title 1 - Comparability of Services.pdf